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Világgazdaság is a trustworthy, up-to-date, objective source of information and the influential, moderate newspaper of the world of business. It provides a factual examination of Hungarian and international economies, businesses and events within the EU. Above and beyond its in-house writers, it also includes the views of well-known experts on the facts. Apart from providing information and expressing opinions, Világgazdaság also focuses on providing advice and helps make sense of the various investment and tender opportunities, issues related to the operation and taxation of companies and human resources. The coverage is fleshed out with sectoral, regional and country-based supplements and professional columns. With its range of additional services (online, conferences, professional publications), Világgazdaság is an effective communication device for decision-makers.

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Category Economy
Format daily
Short description Reliable, up-to-date, objective source of information. Influential newspaper of the business world.