Your Own Stamps as regular stamps 2023

13650 HUF

ITEM NO: A2023500

Subscription includes an order for one or more copies of special/definitive stamps/Your Own Stamps to be issued in 2023 as regular stamps in sheets and/or for special stamps on special covers and for definitive stamps and/or Your Own Stamps to be issued in 2023 as regular stamps in sheets on plain covers to be issued in 2023. Subscription of definitive stamps includes personal stamps in 2023 in promotional edition in peaces. Special issues not included in the issue plan (e.g. single stamps in miniature sheet, imperforated stamps, commemorative sheets, black prints, sets) do not form a part of the subscription; we will send separate information about these. The total price of the copies requested is due on subscription and customers subscribing by 30th June 2023 will receive a gift at Christmas. You can, of course, subscribe at any time during the year, but only while stocks last. In connection with unexpected events the ministry supervising stamp issuing will give its permission for the mendment of our stamp plan. For that reason, the amounts of subscription stipulated in this leaflet can change. In case of change further remittance will be necessary.

Type Your Own Stamps subscription