The Mass production of the model T Ford started 100 years ago under József Galamb

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"One hundred years ago the mass production of the Model T Ford began under the direction of the constructor and chief designer József Galamb. The stamp features a series of Model T Fords and a portrait of József Galamb. The photographic material for the design was provided by the József Attila Museum. Twenty thousand copies of the miniature sheet of ten stamps designed by the graphic artists Ferenc Svindt and Péter Berky were made at the banknote printing company Pénzjegynyomda.József Galamb was born in Makó on 3 February 1881. After gaining his diploma in mechanical engineering, he worked at the Diósgyőr Steel Works. In 1903 he went abroad on a scholarship from the Hungarian Automobile Company. He worked in Germany at Daimler and Benz, and later the Adler Automobile Company before being employed at Stearns Automobile Company in Cleveland in the United States. He met Henry Ford in Detroit not long after that and the meeting resulted in cooperation that became legendary in the history of the automotive industry. First Galamb redesigned the Model N’s cooling system and then, as the company’s chief designer, designed parts for the famous Model T together with the Hungarian Jenő Farkas and the American Harold Willis. In drafting the plans for the easy-to-handle, cheap-to-produce car he used major innovations. The planetary gear type transmission and the engine with removable cylinder heads, which were used for the Model T, were Galamb’s inventions. Under his direction mass production using a moving assembly line was introduced in 1913, which revolutionised car-making worldwide. This meant that the Model T Ford became the first people’s car of its age. Fifteen and a half million Model Ts were manufactured in twenty years. (Source:"

Type First Day Cover
Short description Magyar Posta’s commemorative stamp issued on 5 February recalls a major turning point in the development of the automotive industry and the Hungarian connection with this.
Printing Office Pénzjegynyomda Zrt.
Issue year 2013
Issue time 2013. február 5.
Theme car
Designer Ferenc Svindt
Stamped/Uncanceled mint