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AutóMAGAZIN has been a staple of the Hungarian automotive press scene for three decades: a premium magazine dedicated to the highest quality. It is published monthly as the Hungarian edition of 'auto motor und sport', the most significant automotive magazine in Germany and possibly the whole of Europe. This background allows the publication to produce superior materials, both visually and content wise. All car tests are conducted with a thoroughness expected of German professionals. This also holds true for all other reviews, including what are considered the most comprehensive tyre tests in Europe. Besides prime content from AMS there are also a number of locally produced articles which cover topics especially relevant to our Hungarian readers. Regardless of the source, all articles represent the highest quality of journalism and professional content. New car reviews and reveals are accompanied by a wide variety of topics covering the magnificent history of cars and motoring. The 100-page magazine is printed on premium paper, using first class production technologies,thus enhancing the high quality of the content.

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Category Automotive
Format 12 times a year
Short description Everything you want to know about cars, in an informative and entertaining way - the magazine for car buyers and enthusiasts.