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* Until the 21st of the given month, the subscription starts on the first day of the following month.

The Földgömb magazine is the publication of readers looking for quality and genuine informative articles and is domestically one of the most popular premium informative magazines. The magazine's readers can choose from a selection of articles on adventurous discoveries, spectacular regions, their inhabitants and rarely known segments of our environment. Our publication presents the world in a magazine-like quality in a colourful, engaging manner, with up-to-date content and quality imagery. The magazine is collected by 72% of our readers, who browse the individual issues and read the articles on an average of 4 occasions. 6 issues of the magazine are published annually, always at the beginning of the month. Our readers are highly dedicated and subscribe to the magazine because of their devotion. Our magazine's mission includes providing entertaining and informative content whilst conveying scientific, cultural values.

ITEM NO B040800001200000
Category Science,Popular science
Format 6 times a year
Short description It presents the world in a colourful and engaging manner with up-to-date content and quality imagery