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5 Minutes Italian is not primarily aimed at Italian language learners, but at lovers of Italy, Italian culture and the Italian lifestyle, offering interesting, yet useful and colourful content and information. The articles in 5 Minutes Italian are written in Hungarian, so they are accessible to everyone in a light and readable style, but we also want to cater for language learners, so we will also include an interactive beginner Italian language lesson series (with videos, exercises and podcasts). More advanced learners will also find something fresh and interesting in the magazine. Our featured columns: travel (less known places, landscapes and regions), music (who Italians listen to nowadays), recipes, film and TV recommendations (what and where to watch, even in the original language), useful information (for travellers to Italy), cars and motorbikes (no Italy without Vespas and Ferraris), gastronomy (what Italians eat, when and how, and what they definitely don't eat), fashion (biographies of famous fashion houses and designers, iconic clothes), interesting stories, legends, anecdotes, Hungarians in Italy, Italians in Hungary.

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Category Tourism - Travel
Format 6 times a year
Short description 5-Minute Italian Magazine, written in Hungarian, offers interesting articles about Italy and Italian lifestyle.