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The characters of the stories represent traditional values. The readers of Júlia can experience the excitement of the fulfilment of the first love and the joys of physical and spiritual unison. This was the first series of the publisher, which is still its most popular to this very day. Two booklets are published every month with red and pink covers. The heroine of the stories in a grown-up, young woman, who experiences the fulfilment of her first real love. The stories are set in current-day, mainly European locations. The main male characters usually live amongst good circumstances, whilst the values of the couples reinforce the cult of the traditional family model, where the marriage and the family are based on physical and spiritual unison. The bi-monthly published special issue of Júlia contains three additional new and exciting novels in a single volume.

ITEM NO B047890000300000
Category Women's magazine
Format 12 times a year
Short description Popular romantic series.