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* Until the 21st of the given month, the subscription starts on the first day of the following month.

Kiskegyed Otthona is a member of the popular Kiskegyed range of magazines. It has been a firm favourite with readers since its debut in 2007. The key to its success lies in the way its capable of providing visual examples which help readers make their homes nicer, more fashionable and easier to use. It's practical since the magazine contains the prices and origin of all the products. It's clever since it regularly introduces and presents hundreds of new features. It inspires readers to realize their individual ideas! It closely deals with all parts of flats, regularly providing tips for decorating the living room, bathroom, bedroom and even the children's room. Kiskegyed Otthona always features decorative, creative ideas and even recipes.

ITEM NO B049270001200000
Category Interior design
Format 6 times a year
Short description Practical, clever, inspiring.