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Nők Lapja Évszakok is a value-creating magazine. Reading never goes out of fashion, just as culture and knowledge will always represent values. Our magazine is organized in the same manner as other classic women's magazines, with fashion, health, and beauty care, yet packaged in such a manner and with such great photos that it feels like reading a book. Our authors are often contemporary writers such as Erzéber Schäffer, Orsolya Karafiáth, Krisztián Grecsó, András Réz, Alinda Veiszer with publications which are worthy to be preserved. We are proud of the photo series appearing in all of our issues which present well-known people - often amongst unusual circumstances. Our interviews are intense, often providing intimate portraits of our discussion partners, just like a real friendly conversation.

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Category Women's magazine,Lifestyle
Format 4 times a year
Short description Fashion, health and beauty care with value-creating presentation.