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* Until the 21st of the given month, the subscription starts on the first day of the following month.

Aiming at new horizons, from the end of July, the highly popular women’s magazine “Ridikül”, which used to be a weekly, will become a monthly periodical. The magazine will attempt to tackle issues which invite new readers while trying to remain attractive for the earlier public as well. Truthfulness and honesty will be the values along which we move, offering several alternatives to choose from in terms of lifestyle, healthcare and psychological matters, but also regarding our homes and gardens. The frontpage story is always a female one: the lady of the month – should it be a local or an international celebrity – will tell us about her views on current topics, issues of interest for our targeted women audience. Photography reportage, a genre which is rarely appears in women’s magazines, will also be part of the repertoire: no words are needed when photos talk.

ITEM NO B064510000600000
Category Women's magazine
Format 12 times a year
Short description The magazine – for real women. The popular Ridikül Magazin will be turned into a monthly publication from August, and will be issued in a completely renewed form.