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Since its foundation, the editorial offices of ELEKTRONET have been striving to facilitate the development of the Hungarian electronic industry by creating a forum for domestic electronic experts and firms as well as by establishing a link between the world of science and practical engineers and tradesmen. The success of our previous efforts can be witnessed in the wide range of recognition ELEKTRONET has gained both professionally and internationally. The magazine is addressed to professionals working in the electronic industry as well as readers interested in the industrial applications of electronics, with a level of quality based on secondary and higher level knowledge. Since its foundation, ELEKTRONET has been closely cooperating with numerous foreign and domestic exhibition promoters, advocacy groups and chambers of commerce. We regularly take part in numerous international events as well as smaller domestic conferences. The magazine is published 4 times a year.

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Category Information technology,telecommunication
Format 4 times a year
Short description ELEKTRONET is for experts working in the electronic industry.