Hungarian rock classics IV: P.Mobil FDC

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ITEM NO: 2023120060012

Magyar Posta is continuing its series on Hungarian rock classics by presenting the band P.Mobil, which, in 2023, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its formation. Fifty thousand copies of the black numbered perforated souvenir sheets and 4,000 copies of the red numbered imperforated souvenir sheets designed by the graphic artist Tibor Z. Petényi were produced by ANY Security Printing Company. The new issue goes on sale at Filaposta, philately specialist services, certain post offices and from 3 March 2023. P.Mobil stands for Perpetuum Mobile, i.e. Perpetual Motion, and the band was formed on 1 May 1973 after having to change their name from Gesarol, which had been founded in 1969. Their first major gig was not long after they formed, at the legendary Diósgyőr Pop Festival, where they were the only band to play hard rock among performers of pop hits and progressive rock. By the autumn of 1974, the first classic line-up of P.Mobil took shape: Sándor Bencsik, László Kékesi Bajnok, Zoltán Pálmai, Lóránt Schuster and Gyula Vikidál. They wrote material for records one after another, and gradually became part of the Hungarian music scene. In the absence of being played on the radio, TV appearances and recording LPs, they could only rely on live shows and word of mouth but their music, message and way of performing bridged the gap and they soon attracted devoted audiences. Slowly the band became a phenomenon with a large number of fans. P.Mobil’s music is a unique blend of the best kind of Anglo-Saxon rock music, meaningful thoughts, playful but simple musical phrases, witty remarks, sharp criticism and the Hungarian language, which makes it distinctive and unmistakable. These qualities have lost none of their vitality over the past fifty years: indeed they have become more refined and shown that they stand the test of time. To this day, the band continues to give concerts, much to the delight of their fans. Source: The special souvenir sheet shows a graphic composition recalling the atmosphere of a club concert. On the right-hand side of the frame design, some of the lyrics of the song Perpetuum Mobile can be read. The special first day cover features the word “Móóóbil” with an elongated vowel as sung by the fans together with its musical notation. The band’s logo appears in the imprint of the special postmark on the first day cover.

Type FDC
Short description Magyar Posta is continuing its series on Hungarian rock classics by presenting the band P.Mobil.
Printing Office Pátria Nyomda Zrt.
Issue year 2023
Issue time 3 March 2023
Size 182x130 mm
Theme music
Designer Tibor Z. Petényi