World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023 FDC

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ITEM NO: 2023150060012

Magyar Posta Zrt. is issuing a special stamp to mark the World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023 to be held in Budapest. Forty thousand copies of the new issue designed by the graphic artist Imre Benedek were produced by ANY Security Printing Company. The new stamp will be available at first day post offices and Filaposta in Hungary from 12 May 2023, but may also be ordered from Magyar Posta’s online store. Between 19 and 27 August 2023, the biggest sporting event in Hungary’s history, the World Athletics Championships, will be held in Budapest. More than 2,000 athletes from over 200 countries and almost 8,000 accredited participants will come to Budapest for the world’s top athletics event. The main venue for the competition is the brand new National Athletics Centre, which is located in the south of Budapest on the left bank of the Danube. Other major venues include the start and finish areas of the marathon and walking races, Heroes’ Square, and the entire route, which passes through the most attractive and historic parts of Budapest. Initial estimates suggest that a total of one billion people will watch the World Championships and tens of millions of them will be able to see the world’s best marathon runners race through Budapest’s historic districts that are part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. The World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023 will be mainly about the superheroes who break world records, constantly pushing the limits of human physical performance and surpassing the unimaginable. Just as important, however, are the everyday heroes who regularly take part in sporting activities or are just getting off the couch to run their first metres for the first time. They do this because their health matters and, although it is sometimes difficult, they, like superheroes, can push themselves beyond their own limits. The wonder of the World Championships is the meeting of superheroes and everyday heroes. Source: The special stamp, first day cover and postmark are a combination of promotional elements of the World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023. The stamp design shows athletes, the cover features a graphic interpretation of the National Athletics Centre, while the imprint of the postmark on the first day cover is the official logo of the event, which also appears on the stamp and the cover.

Type FDC
Short description Magyar Posta Zrt. is issuing a special stamp to mark the World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023 to be held in Budapest.
Printing Office Pátria Zrt.
Issue year 2023
Issue time 12. May 2023
Size 182x130 mm
Theme sport
Designer Imre Benedek