History of religion - churches (2): Israel - Hungary joint stamp issue

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ITEM NO: 4100098

The issue was preceded by negotiations going back several years, as a result of which a stamp depicting the synagogue in Dohány utca in Budapest will be put into circulation on the same day in Hungary and Israel. The Hungarian stamp is being issued as the fifth in the History of Religion – Churches series of stamps. On the stamp there is the building of the Dohány utca synagogue in Budapest, with the rose window in the background. On the Israeli stamp the interior of the synagogue and a candlestick (menorah) is depicted. The protected romantic, Byzantine- Moresque style building was constructed between 1854-59 according to plans by Ludwig Förster. The interior decoration and the fittings were made partly according to the ideas of Frigyes Fezl. The synagogue is the largest one in operation in Europe. The building is covered with red and white bricks, with ceramic decoration. The main decorative motif on the façade between the bulbous towers is the rose window, under which the inscription of a text from the book of Exodus can be read in Hebrew: “Let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.” The wing of the building to the left of the façade was added between 1929-31, according to plans drawn up by László Vágó, in a style adapting to the original synagogue. In order to show both the stamps at the same time the Hungarian Post and the Israeli Post have issued a commemorative card on which both stamps can be seen with occasional cancellation. The Hungarian commemorative card is decorated with a part of the gilded rood-screen and the stonework of the façade glass window. On the special issue envelope sold with the stamp there is the stone plaque with the inscription from the book of Exodus, the cancellation impression is suggestive of the lines of the glass window stonework.

Short description This is this first joint stamp issue in the history of the Hungarian Post and the Israeli Post.
Printing Office Pénzjegynyomda Rt.
Issue year 2000
Issue time 19 September 2000
Theme building,religion
Designer Dániel Kertész