Saint Ladislav’s robe

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The right side of the block shows the motifs of Saint Ladislav’s robe, and as a part of the stamp design, the royal couple, the cross that forms the main motif of the robe, and the decorative pattern of the weave of the robe as a background element. The left side of the block shows the interior of Zagreb cathedral, where the robe is kept. The robe of Saint Ladislav is one of the oldest and most valuable fabrics guarded in the treasury of Zagreb cathedral. Its origin and how it came to Zagreb is mainly preserved by mediaeval legends and oral tradition. However, a remnant of original text embroidered on a fragment of red silk proves the authenticity of the origin of the robe and links it closely to the figure of the Hungarian king Ladislav I, who was the brother of the Croatian queen Ilona and the founder of the see of Zagreb in 1094.The fabric of the robe was woven in the 11th The robe of King Ladislav is significant not only for our common history and the history of art, but also for the whole of Europe. It is one of the few royal robes left that have, if only in part, survived from the Middle Ages, weathering the storms and continual changes of a thousand years. century from silk lampas in Byzantium. The indigo robe is completely covered by two types of regularly alternating floral decorations in a traditional hexagonal arrangement, with palmette ornament and four hearts in the centre. There are two royal figures on the robe, Saint Ladislav and an unknown queen. According to one interpretation of this scene, the moment is depicted on the robe when queen Ilona, the wife of the last Croatian king, Zvonimir, hands over the Croatian crown to her brother King Ladislav. However, it is now generally thought that there is not enough historical or documentary evidence to support this. The robe became a ceremonial vestment when it was brought to Zagreb and later was repaired several times. The last thorough and comprehensive conservation and restoration took place in 1987. For the purpose of the joint presentation of the Hungarian and Croatian blocks, finely executed commemorative cards have been made, on which the new stamps appear with the special cancellation. The special cover and commemorative card for the Hungarian issue show details of the frescos of Zagreb cathedral with the decorative pattern of the weave of the robe in the background – as on the block. The special cancellation stamp is decorated with a stylised drawing of the robe.

Type commemorative sheet
Short description The Croatian and Hungarian Postal Companies are jointly issuing a block of stamps on the same subject, but with different graphic designs under the title “The Robe of Saint Ladislav  Ruler of Hungary and Croatia”.
Printing Office Pénzjegynyomda Rt.
Issue year 2013
Issue time 13 June 2003
Theme religion,history