Solidarity between generation

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ITEM NO: 2012121010031-

"A special attraction of the issue is that Magyar Posta selected the designer of the stamp from students of art studying at Hungarian institutes of higher education. About one hundred applications were submitted, and the jury found that the work of Richárd Horváth, student of MoholyNagy University of Art and Design was the best. The second prize was awarded to Judit Kecskés (Hungarian University of Fine Arts), and the third winner was Luca Patkós (Hungarian University of Fine Arts). The European Union declared 2012 the year of active ageing and solidarity between generations. The aim is to enhance understanding and the exchange of experience between young people and older generations and to strengthen family bonds. Society’s attention must be drawn to that old age can be lived with active participation, remaining part of society and also to that young people must be encouraged with different programmes to find a common language with the elderly. The European year of active ageing and solidarity between generations is important, because the society of Europe is ageing continuously. Today people are generally afraid of ageing, they often regard ageing as a danger ahead of individuals and society rather than the fulfilment of life. The increasingly large elderly population is regarded as a burden on the younger active generations. It is despite the fact that elderly people today are in better health than the earlier generations were. Younger generations can confidently lean on their knowledge and experience. In answering the challenge of ageing it is essential to continue to live an active life as years pass by. The aim of the active ageing program is to enable the elderly to play a completely active role in society, to improve their possibilities of working, to enable them to participate in voluntary activities and to enable them to live an independent life by transforming their living environment, infrastructure, IT applications and traffic."

Type postage stamp
Short description On the World Information Society Day Magyar Posta issued a postage stamp in the subject of solidarity between nations.
Printing Office Pénzjegynyomda
Issue year 2010-2012
Perforation Sizer 40 x 30 mm
Theme anniversary,event,culture,science
Designer Richárd Horváth
Stamped/Uncanceled mint