Your Own Pécs Stamp

3478 HUF

ITEM NO: 2009262040031-

  • 3478 HUF
1 - 4 quantity
  • 3333 HUF
5 - 50 quantity
  • 3304 HUF
51 - 99 quantity
  • 3276 HUF
100 - 499 quantity
  • 3189 HUF
500 and above

In response to customer needs, the stamps bear the inscription DOMESTIC to mark their value and may be used for sending standard letters and postcards within Hungary. The sheet of stamps was designed by graphic artist Eszter Domé and made by offset printing in the Pénzjegynyomda. The perforated size of the stamps is 36.25 x 25.2 mm and that of the label attached to it is 18 x 25.2 mm. The imperforated size of the sheet is 297 x 210 mm. The label cannot be used by itself to pay for postage.

Type Your Own Stamp
Topics Your Own Stamp
Short description The stamp sheet Your Own PÉCS Stamp without value indication is being released in promotional and personalized versions. The sheet contains 20 different designs featuring the sights of the city of Pécs.
Printing Office Pénzjegynyomda
Issue year 2009
Issue time 2009. szeptember 4.
Sheet Size 297 x 210 mm
Personal Segment Size 18 x 25,2 mm
Face Value “DOMESTIC”
Standard true