Your Own School Graduation Stamp I – Sailor blouse sheet

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"The stamps can be used for approaching school graduation ceremonies either when sending letters of invitation or as a special memory of the day. A new feature is that the stamps are not marked with a specific monetary value but rather with a category of use so they can flexibly be used for postage without additional payment even if postal tariffs change. The sheet has two alternating stamp designs, one with the symbols of school graduation (a diploma, a satchel and a mortar board) and the other with a graduating schoolgirl wearing a sailor blouse. "

Type Your Own Stamp
Topics Your Own Stamp
Short description On 16 April 2007 Magyar Posta is expanding its range of Your Own Stamps with four different sheets of Your Own School Graduation Stamp that can be personalised.
Printing Office Pénzjegynyomda
Issue year 2007
Issue time 2007. április 16.
Sheet Size 297 x 210 mm
Personal Segment Size 18 x 25,2 mm
Standard true