My Message Stamp I.

8755 HUF

ITEM NO: 2008013040031-

  • 8755 HUF
1 - 4 quantity
  • 8580 HUF
5 - 50 quantity
  • 8540 HUF
51 - 99 quantity
  • 8510 HUF
100 - 499 quantity
  • 8405 HUF
500 and above

In compliance with customer demands a special feature of the reprint is that the text “BELFÖLD” (domestic) is shown as the value indication, in other words the stamp is suitable for sending standard sized letters and postcards domestic. The stamp picture shows a map of Hungary, on which the eastern and western parts of the country alternately cover the main motif of the stamp image, the navigation in-strument, the compass. The stamp sheets consisting of 35 labelled stamps (at a price of HUF 70 on issue) were printed at the Pénzjegynyomda on the basis of the design by Péter Berky using offset printing.

Type Your Own Stamp
Topics Your Own Stamp
Short description The very successful My Message Stamp sheet issued in 2005 is being reprinted without value indication – promotion and personal stamp.
Printing Office Pénzjegynyomda
Issue year 2008
Issue time 2008. február 8.
Sheet Size 297 x 210 mm
Personal Segment Size 18 x 25,2 mm
Face Value “DOMESTIC”
Standard true