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2018 is the Year of Families, which Magyar Posta is marking by issuing a special souvenir sheet.

500 HUF

The theme of the miniature sheet with a surcharge issued by Magyar Posta in 2016 to support youth stamp collecting is the fire brigade.

miniature sheet

600 HUF

Magyar Posta is issuing regular stamps to welcome UNICEF operating in Hungary for forty years.

regular stamps

500 HUF

In 2015 Magyar Posta is issuing a stamp block with a surcharge to support youth stamp collecting. The theme of the stamp block is provided by the illustration of the epic poem base...

stamp block

400 HUF

EUROPA 2015: The theme for this year is “old toys”.


1140 HUF

As stocks of the stamp with a surcharge For Each Other have run out, Magyar Posta is issuing a reprint on 24 November 2010 with a change of face value to aid the victims of the red...

Purchase stamp with extra charge for the help of flood victims.

220 HUF

Magyar Posta wishes to draw attention to the activity of the International Children’s Safety Service by issuing a regular stamp with a surcharge, which has no monetary value marked...

postage stamp

120 HUF

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