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Magyar Posta is releasing its numbered souvenir sheet issued on true lavender, which was chosen as the medicinal plant of 2018, also in special and limited printing technique editi...

red-numbered imperforated souvenir sheet

1000 HUF

Magyar Posta is issuing a special souvenir sheet about true lavender, which was chosen as the medicinal plant of the year in 2018 by the Medicinal Plant Section of the Hungarian So...


1000 HUF

Magyar Posta presents on a stamp the field elm, a tree species whose wood can be put to a great variety of uses.

special stamp

115 HUF

Magyar Posta is issuing new stamps in its series presenting and capturing through philatelic means the cultivated fruit flora of Hungary. Two types of fruit are shown in still life...

commemorative stamp

505 HUF

Magyar Posta is marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of the botanist Dr Miklós Ujvárosi by issuing a commemorative stamp.

special stamp

395 HUF

Magyar Posta presents a protected Hungar-ian flower, the purple lenten rose, on its new DOMESTIC REGISTERED regular stamp with no value indicated.

postage stamp

630 HUF

Every year the member countries of PostEurop vote to choose the subject to appear on all their EUROPA stamps to be released that year.

miniature sheet

800 HUF

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