Every year the member countries of PostEurop vote to choose the subject to appear on all their EUROPA stamps to be released that year.

miniature sheet

800 HUF

Magyar Posta is issuing a special sheet of ordinary postage stamps containing 25 different stamps to mark the series of events PÉCS 2010 – European Capital of Culture.

postage stamp sheet

3625 HUF

Magyar Posta wishes to draw attention to the activity of the International Children’s Safety Service by issuing a regular stamp with a surcharge, which has no monetary value marked...

postage stamp

145 HUF

Magyar Posta is issuing a sheet of postage stamps and a book of special stamps to mark the Shanghai World Expo.

postage sheet

3000 HUF

52865 HUF

On 13 April 2012 Magyar Posta issued a special stamp block in commemoration of the Titanic and dr. Árpád Lengyel, surgeon of the British steamship Carpathia, which was the first on...

black print

2032 HUF

Magyar Posta is issuing an exclusive commemorative stamp block in memory of the Titanic and Dr Árpád Lengyel, the ship’s doctor on the first vessel to hurry to the aid of the Titan...

special stamp block

1600 HUF

The venue for the 85th Stamp Day to be held in Kalocsa from 6-8 July 2012 was the towns Catholic Primary and Secondary School of Our Lady.

special stamp block

600 HUF

The 110-year old chambers of the Parliament on the latest stamp specialty of Magyar Posta.

special miniature sheet (embossing, lacquer decoration, exclusive holder)

3200 HUF

Magyar Posta continues issuing its series of definitive stamps on postal history, which began in 2017. In 2019 six denominations are appearing.

definitive stamp

80 HUF

Similarly to the previous years, Magyar Posta is issuing a postage stamp for sending Christmas wishes in 2019. The stamp is self-adhesive and has no value indication, bearing the i...

stamp sheet

7250 HUF

Magyar Posta is releasing a commemorative stamp to mark the centenary of the birth of the actress Klári Tolnay, twice winner of the Kossuth Prize, Artist of Merit and Artist of Exc...

commemorative stamp

260 HUF

Magyar Posta is releasing “audible” postage stamps to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi. The release is unusual because this is the first...

special stamp

165 HUF

Magyar Posta is marking the centenary of the foundation of the Hungarian Ski Association by issuing a self-adhesive commemorative stamp.


700 HUF

Magyar Posta is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Géza Gárdonyi by issuing a commemorative stamp.


625 HUF

As part of the series of events marking the St Stephen Memorial Year, Székesfehérvár is hosting the events of the 86th Stamp Day and the HUNFILA 2013 – Székesfehérvár International...


700 HUF

Magyar Posta and Azermarka are presenting the peacock motif often used in the applied folk art of both countries on a joint miniature sheet.


800 HUF

At the proposal of the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO, in 2013 the General Conference of the international organisation adopted the centenary of the birth of Robert Capa ...


510 HUF