Magyar Posta wishes to draw attention to the activity of the International Children’s Safety Service by issuing a regular stamp with a surcharge, which has no monetary value marked...

postage stamp

120 HUF

Magyar Posta presents a protected Hungar-ian flower, the purple lenten rose, on its new DOMESTIC REGISTERED regular stamp with no value indicated.

postage stamp

440 HUF

Every year Magyar Posta releases special For Youth stamps with a surcharge to support stamp collecting by young people. In 2011 the sights of Budapest’s City Park provide the subje...

miniature sheet

640 HUF

Easter greetings posted in the tradition, this year a new registration sticker issued by the Hungarian Post.

postage stamp

90 HUF

As stocks of the stamp with a surcharge For Each Other have run out, Magyar Posta is issuing a reprint on 24 November 2010 with a change of face value to aid the victims of the red...

Purchase stamp with extra charge for the help of flood victims.

220 HUF

In the special stamp series entitled Arts Magyar Posta present the works of famous Hungarian artists.

Special stamp serie

540 HUF

Magyar Posta is making the first release in a new series of commemorative stamps to present celebrated Hungarian performing artists. To mark the centenary of their birth, Rezső Gác...

special stamp

370 HUF

The aim of Magyar Posta’s regular stamp series on Tourism is to present the sights of Hungarian cultural history.

postage stamp serie

380 HUF

Magyar Posta is marking the 125th anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation by issuing a commemorative stamp.

special stamp

140 HUF

The Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak Posts are commemorating the 20th anniversary of the formation of the Visegrád Group by issuing a joint stamp.

miniature sheet

1840 HUF

Anniversary of the formation of the Visegrád group / Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak joint stamp

miniature sheet

2000 HUF

Magyar Posta is releasing a commemorative stamp block to mark the 50th anniversary of the space flight on 12 April 1961, when man first travelled into space.

special stamp block

600 HUF

Since the introduction of Your Own Stamps in 2004, the service and the range of products have expanded continuously. On the first Your Own Folkoriada Stamp only a portrait could be...

postage sheet

4200 HUF

Magyar Posta is issuing a special sheet of ordinary postage stamps containing 25 different stamps to mark the series of events PÉCS 2010 – European Capital of Culture.

postage stamp sheet

3000 HUF

Magyar Posta is issuing a postage stamp to mark the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

postage stamp sheet

3240 HUF

Magyar Posta is issuing a sheet of postage stamps and a book of special stamps to mark the Shanghai World Expo.

postage sheet

3000 HUF