Magyar Posta is issuing a special sheet of ordinary postage stamps containing 25 different stamps to mark the series of events PÉCS 2010 – European Capital of Culture.

postage stamp sheet

3000 HUF

Magyar Posta began issuing a series of special stamps presenting the synagogues of Hungary in 2008.

special stamp serie

285 HUF

Every year Magyar Posta releases stamps with a surcharge to support stamp collecting by young people called For Youth.

miniature sheet

420 HUF

Since the introduction of Your Own Stamps in 2004, the service and the range of products have expanded continuously. On the first Your Own Folkoriada Stamp only a portrait could be...

postage sheet

4200 HUF

Magyar Posta in keeping with its traditions presents the flora and fauna of Hungary on a special souvenir sheet and set of stamps.

special stamp serie

755 HUF

In keeping with its traditions, Magyar Posta presents the characteristic fauna of Hungary each year on a stamp block and set of stamps. The new 2011 stamps depict butterflies and m...

Special stamp serie

810 HUF

In keeping with its traditions, Magyar Posta is releasing a set of two stamps and a stamp block with a surcharge at the festival of stamp collectors.

special stamp serie

205 HUF

Magyar Posta is releasing a commemorative stamp block to mark the 50th anniversary of the space flight on 12 April 1961, when man first travelled into space.

special stamp block

600 HUF

Magyar Posta is issuing an exclusive commemorative stamp block in memory of the Titanic and Dr Árpád Lengyel, the ship’s doctor on the first vessel to hurry to the aid of the Titan...

special stamp block

1600 HUF

Every year Magyar Posta releases special For Youth stamps with a surcharge to support stamp collecting by young people. In 2011 the sights of Budapest’s City Park provide the subje...

miniature sheet

640 HUF

Every year the member countries of PostEurop vote to choose the subject to appear on all their EUROPA stamps to be released that year.

miniature sheet

600 HUF

Frédéric François Chopin, known as the poet of the piano, was one of the greatest composers of classical music.

special stamp

240 HUF

Saint Martin (316/317 – 397) grew up in a well-off, pagan family. His father, who was an army officer, was given an estate in Italy as a reward for military service, so Martin was ...

special stamp

160 HUF

Magyar Posta presents a protected Hungar-ian flower, the purple lenten rose, on its new DOMESTIC REGISTERED regular stamp with no value indicated.

postage stamp

470 HUF